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Educating you to succeed in the changing world.....
EduHac brings you the best in industry and academia, friendly
mentorship, strong guidance, and intensive career support

Career Mentorship

Our mentors help you
set career goals,
resolve difficult problems, &
make sound career decisions

Internship Oppurtunity

Gain industry level experience
from leading companies
which will sharpen your skills
and provide you with
relevant practical knowledge

Job Guarantee

Our customized courses
and innovation training methods
make sure that everyone
is capable of getting placed by the
end of the course

Tools and Platform

You will be provided with
150+ professional tools and platform
& will be trained on
how to use it efficiently by
gaining industry-level expertise

Portfolio Formulation

You will be provided
with full support on creating
your personalized resume
and formulating your complete
work portfolio


Interview Preparation

You will be provided with
mock interviews by hiring professionals
along with personality development
and communication training

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Case Studies
& Live Projects

Work on live industry projects
research, gather and
analyze information and
gain practical and presentation skills

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